I’m S.M. Isaac, and it’s brilliant to meet you. I write fantasy and science fiction.

I’m not the biggest social media butterfly, but I’d love for you to follow me, and I will pop in now and then to write some awesomeness. I’ve got a Facebook page, and a pretty awesome Pinterest.

A little about me

Books are awesome. I’m a writer, so naturally, I also read. A lot. Why don’t you take a look at my goodreads page to see what I’ve been reading lately?

My favourite time of day is the morning. Yes, I am a morning person. I love the smell of early morning dew. It reminds me of going on adventures because all the best adventures begin in the early morning hours when everything is still and silent.

Early mornings are synonymous with adventure

I like to bake whenever I get the opportunity. Cocoa cookies fresh from the oven, and apple crumble with ice cream are favourites. I am liberal with cinammon on pretty much everything.

Most important of all…

My heart belongs to my family. My husband and son are my biggest loves, before writing, before little sushi balls in the shapes of cats, before rewatching Guardians of the Galaxy for the eighty-seventh time…

So that’s me. Follow my adventures, I’d be happy to have you along.

S.M. Isaac